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Minely’s Big Data platform is the key to connecting systems,  new and old, online and offline, across the whole organisation, providing a common access point for people across the company to leverage their firm’s wealth of information.

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Using the dataflow designer, organisations can bring in a wide range of financial information from the different data sources connected to Minely’s platform such as trades, market information, exchanges rates, equities, interest rates, derivatives, web, and proprietary data at a 100x faster rate. Banking and capital market companies can blend historical data together with live data coming across different channels.

 Gone are the days where analysis was hindered by hours or even days of populating spreadsheets with data that is already out of date once utilised. Minely’s Big Data business analytics platform allows analysts to search, take insights and share data in real time & securely by leveraging Minely’s intuitive user interface. Dashboards can be built through workflows for collective analysis as well as in-depth specific analysis for individuals. This allows users to interact with the insights produces and drill down on the data for better understanding.

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