Complex Data, Simplified

Businesses create enormous amounts of data on a daily basis based on its nature, such that it becomes very difficult to analyse the data and perform timely actions  on it using traditional tools. Enter Minely, and this complex situation is simplified quickly. Minely empowers business executives in asking complex questions which previously were impossible due to their timely nature.

See The Big Picture

Minely can process huge amounts of data in real-time – from machine logs to sensor, social and transactional data. Business executives can see the overall picture of the entire business and easily identify revenue generating opportunities as well as weak spots that require immediate action.

Get Faster Insights

Fast and timely insights are crucial in today’s connected world. With Minely, complex insights can be retrieved in a matter of seconds enabling companies to be truly data-driven. Minely not only analyses historical data but can process data as it happens.

Automate Actions

Minely goes beyond visual insights but saves on manual labour by automating intelligent actions. Business executives can target fine grained segments with different marketing campaigns, or get notifications based on particular triggers (eg. trending products).

Optimise Conversions,
Unleash New Business Opportunities

With faster insights and automated measurable actions, Minely gives the possibility of improving the business bottom line. Whether it is reducing waste, optimising departments and increasing customer engagement through automated actions, this will lead to increased profits.

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