A New Way of Doing Analytics

Advanced Big Data Analytics is not only about analytics but includes configuration, data collection, data verification, infrastructure management, monitoring, feature extraction, etc.
Minely provides all this in one single platform from ingest to action.

The New Way The New Way
The Old Way The Old Way

The Platform for all Teams

A platform for all teams

Software & Data Engineers together with I.T. professionals can easily manage hardware provisioning, scaling, cluster uptime whilst also ensuring that sensitive data is accessed by users only who have access to it.

Data Teams of Analysts, Scientists & BI can all collaborate together in the same platform. Minely provides out of the box Data Wrangling, Analysis, Machine Learning & Visual insights across the whole platform.

The Management team can also reap insights from one single platform. CXO's can easily keep tabs of what is happening in the entire business and easily identify revenue generating opportunities as well as weak spots that require immediate action.

With faster insights and automated measurable actions, Minely gives the possibility of improving the business bottom line.

Powerful Features

Intuitive Visual Workflow Designer
Drag-and-drop workflow designer to build advanced analytical pipelines – from data ingest, data prep, machine learning and action automation. No coding required.


Just-In-Time Connectors
Quickly access your data with pre-packaged connectors for database systems, streaming message queues and social media networks


End-to-End Automation
Eliminate the need to use multiple tools to deliver effective business results.


Blazing Fast Interactive, Batch & Stream Processing
Minely has been engineered to fully harness the power of massively parallel in-memory processing using Apache Spark – the world’s fastest growing engine for Big Data.


Instant Setup & Managed Deployments
Through seamless integration with Databricks, Minely’s analytical solutions can be deployed to production in minutes. Never worry about managing servers and configuration again.


Enterprise Security
Minely deployed in the cloud means strong security. All communication between the Minely application and Edge Executor is done over web sockets and SSL. All processing and access to data sources is done privately in your own cloud.


With Minely’s Cloud you only pay for the resources that you use on an hourly basis. No fee is charged for the number of workflows, dashboards or additional users.


Pay as you Grow

With Minely’s Cloud you only pay for the resources that you use on an hourly basis. No fee is charged for the number of workflows, dashboards or additional users.

Core Platform
Fee based on the workflow you run and the hardware resources used.
Includes: Workflow Designer, Job Scheduler, Dashboards, Segmenter, DB Connectors, Streaming & User Management.


per Minely Compute Unit (MCU*)
Databricks & AWS Cost

Machine Learning Addon
Includes: Feature Extraction, Clustering,
Classification, Regression, Recommendation.


per Minely Compute Unit (MCU*)

Text Analytics Addon
Includes: Named Entity Recognition, Lemma Generation,
Sentiment Analysis, Part of Speech.


per Minely Compute Unit (MCU*)

Social Connectors Addon
Includes: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,
YouTube, Pinterest Connectors. 


per Minely Compute Unit (MCU*)

*1 MCU equates to 4 CPU cores & 16 Gb RAM per hour

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