All you need for your enterprise to become truly data-driven in the cloud, on-premise or with a mix of both.

Custom Resource & Security Configuration

The Minely Enterprise platform can be deployed on any kind of configuration.

So whether you are already using Apache Spark or not or whether your cluster is deployed on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, the Google Cloud Platform or your own private environment, whether you are using a container orchestration or not,  Minely can adapt, connect and benefit your analytical workflow with powerful features which increase productivity by a hundredfold.


Deploy Anywhere



Minely Enterpise is engineered for cloud first solutions. Take advantage of an agile platform that covers the entire data lifecycle from ingestion to preparation to insights and actions.



Hybrid cloud is the integration of on-premises resources with cloud resources. With Minely enterprise you can mix seamlessly the online cloud together with your on-premise environment.



Take the advantages of flexibility & scalability that Minely offers on the cloud and securely deploy them on your on-premise environment where there is full control of your onsite data that may be deemed too sensitive to have available in the cloud.

Powerful Features

Platform For All Teams
Software & Data Engineers together with Data Teams of Analysts, Scientists & BI and Executive Management team can allreap insights from one single platform.


Extendibility Tools
Using either the Minely API or the Minely SDK tools, development teams are given the power to extend Minely Enterprise in ways which best suits them.


Enterprise Security
Minely deployed in the cloud means strong security. All communication between the Minely application and Edge Executor is done over web sockets and SSL. All processing and access to data sources is done privately in your own cloud.


Intuitive Visual Workflow Designer
Drag-and-drop workflow designer to build advanced analytical pipelines – from data ingest, data prep, machine learning and action automation. No coding required.


Just-In-Time Connectors
Quickly access your data with pre-packaged connectors for database systems, streaming message queues and social media networks


End-to-End Automation
Eliminate the need to use multiple tools to deliver effective business results.


Blazing Fast Interactive, Batch & Stream Processing
Minely has been engineered to fully harness the power of massively parallel in-memory processing using Apache Spark – the world’s fastest growing engine for Big Data.


Professional Services & SLA

Let our teams help you develop & maintain a data-driven path to success

  • Business Analysis

    Our team of solution analysts can help you identify strengths and weakness which Advanced Analytics can improve.

  • Custom Development

    Our expert developers can produce custom integration to third party systems for a unified analytical picture.

  • Data Science

    Our data engineers & scientists can build optimal analytics and machine learning models to take your business to the next level.

  • Training

    We provide all your employees from data engineers to the top management a full training package to take advantage of the platform.

  • Support

    Our customer support services team are always ready at hand to guide and help with any difficulties encountered.

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