in real time

Minely’s Big Data platform allows gaming companies to quickly connect historical data saved over disparate technologies (CRM, Databases, etc) and listen to live real-time streams such as Kafka, Flume, MQTT, Twitter or over it’s own API.

Mix volumes
of data
with ease

Using Minely’s visual dataflows, data scientists & engineers can easily blend real time data with historical data at a 100x faster rate.

Through the dataflows, gaming companies can profile the live data, irrespective of the data source, and get a clear picture with regards to the customers, games & the company itself.

in detail

Gaming companies can profile with ease customers & games through micro-segmentation which is a more advanced form of segmentation that groups a number of customers more precisely, typically on various factors including behaviour prediction. Once identified, micro-segments are the focus of personalised direct marketing.

real time

Offer a bonus for a customer who is currently playing and loosing, contact users who have dropped out of the scene, alert the system administrators on fraudulent transactions: Minely can help gaming companies achieve these scenarios and much more with the realtime actions engine, which triggers the right action based on conditions in the data.

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