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Minely’s Big Data platform allows the users to quickly connect disparate data sources that a company has adopted over time, be it tradition files & spreadsheets, BI databases, CRM’s or online data for a unified picture of all the data.

Blend Data,
Achieve Results

Minely gives the power to insurance companies to manipulate the data through visual dataflows – a pipeline on how the data is to be connected – irrespective of what the source is.

Through the dataflows, models are generated on which key performance indicators such as the cost per claim, customer sentiment analysis, churn, average time to settle can be written once and calculated over several scenarios automatically.

Take Insightful

Once the data is modelled appropriately, insights in the form of interactive dashboards can be used with secure data governance set in place. Insurance business executives, stakeholders, employees & even the end-customers can get relevant insights.

Minely’s insights lead also to appropriate and on-time action triggers. Through our real-time actions engine, Minely helps insurances trigger well-placed business actions based on a well structured and unified data picture.

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