With the rise of the Internet of Things,  the drive to connect everything pushes towards positive business results. These connected devices generate an enormous volume of data. With Minely IoT Business Analytics Platform, business can harness the power of this data efficiently & effectively.

Minely provides a whole suite from ingest to action for on cloud, fog or on premise business analytics. If “what can be connected, will be connected” is the new rule of thumb for future devices, then Minely is the right platform to take advantage of the data generated.

Minely – The Solution For
The Internet of Things Challenges

More Data


High volume,  continuous
“data in motion” from
multiple  sensors.

Store, blend
and manage
time-series data


More Complexity


Use of mutliple

Analytics with
fog/edge computing


More Automation


Integration with
operational systems
and BPMS

& endpoint control


How it WORKS?

Minely provides a whole suite of tools which help businesses make their data useful. Minely can communicate with multiple systems in batch, real time, or just in time, and helps companies model their data to then render it useful through visual analytics, predictions and automated business actions.

  • 1

    Through the wide range of data connectors, the Minely IoT agent - a data collector which transmits data to Minely and an API which developers can utilise, businesses can communicate with virtually anything

  • 2

    Businesses can transform, blend, model and train the data recieved in an intuitive manner using the Visual Flow Designer. Visual flows can work on real time data feeds as well as through jobs scheduled in the Minely scheduler.

  • 3

    Using the Minely segment engine business can delve deep & understand in "personal" view, rather than a general view, how devices are behaving.

  • 4

    Using the Minely Visual Insights, businesses can see the big picture in real-time and make important decisions in a better-informed manner with relevant data always available.

  • 5

    Be pro-active and anticipate device faults and anomalises through Minely Machine Learning & Prediction Engines.

  • 6

    Take automated measurable business actions on the data and establish a two way communication with your devices.

Platform Benefits


Blend together realtime data with historical data, from a multitude of different formats. Connect together your business, operations and devices in one system.


Manage your business processes through one powerful platform which unifies and communicates with your devices. Integrate IoT applications with your business systems.


View your whole smart grid of devices with intuitive Visual Insights. Drilldown and analyse down to the sensors on the device.


Improve the efficiency, efficacy & effectiveness to each and every device in your smart grid.

What sets Minely IoT Platform Apart

Minely Internet of Things Business Analytics platform provides the most comprehensive set of modules for business to acquire, model, filter, analyse act and improve the performance of their connected devices.

“We’re the first European company fully native on Apache Spark for big data analytics.”

Apache Spark

“Minely’s drag-and-drop flow designer allows users to build IoT analytics applications rapidly with lower setup and operational cost - no programming required.”

Visual Flow

“Minely’s JIT Data Processor provides no data movement, schema on read, support for remote/spark execution modes and advanced analytics.”

J.I.T Data

“Minely does not stop at just analytics but handles automated business action consumed either internally in the application or connected to third party systems. ”

Business Actions

Open Platform Integration


With the MINELY API users can manage and change Minely’s resources programmatically, via HTTP.

The API gives simple access to the functionality behind connectors, tables, properties, workflows, dashboards, widgets, site users & roles, and sites on a MINELY CORE.

Developers can use this access to create custom applications or to script interactions with MINELY CORE.


The MINELY AGENT is a low footprint unified data collector. It can reside on any device supporting a Java environment be it a camera, router or server.

The agent is easily configured to read data from its deployment environment and transmit it to either another MINELY AGENT in the same network, an instance of the MINELY EDGE EXECUTOR, or a Message Queue like Apache Kafka, depending on the output connectors configured.


The MINELY CONNECTORS provide a versatile range of adapters so that customers can connect to their data sources.

The MINELY CONNECTORS range from JDBC/ODBC databases and data warehouses, real time streams, cloud base applications & storage solutions, static files to large scale distributed Hadoop Systems.

The MINELY CORE attempts to push down execution down to the source where possible, before loading the data into Apache Spark.

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